PEI Humane Society Goldrush 50/50 - Contests - Max 93.1

PEI Humane Society Goldrush 50/50

This Goldrush 50/50 Draw runs every Thursday! Winner announced at 1:00 p.m.

Proceeds from the PEI Humane Society’s monthly Goldrush will be used to help build our new animal shelter! This 17,000+ square foot facility will more than double our available space! Our pets have needed a new animal shelter for a long time. Help us achieve our goal, and get a chance to WIN in the process!

As PEI’s only animal shelter, we cared for over 1,600 animals last year, more than any year in living memory. In 2023, we expect that number to continue to climb.

Spread the word and share our Goldrush far and wide! After all, the more players we have, the higher the jackpot rises!

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